Monsol has created a web platform for remote meter readings to control production through meter readings. This platform automatically downloads the data (meter load curve) through calls to the existing model (or Internet connection) or by installing specific hardware that queries the meter locally (Real-Time Remote Metering [RTR]).

The Remote Meter Reading platform is designed to control both production and consumption.

It can be used for the management of self-consumption meters, as well as for the analysis of production thanks to the Alerts and Statistics modules implemented by it, easily and intuitively detecting deviations in production/consumption as well as shut-downs or production losses, giving you complete control over your installations.

The remote meter reading platform is compatible with meters from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Italy, Mexico, the US and Panama.

Meters monitored
  • Intuitive multi-platform web interface
  • Daily/monthly/annual closing reports
  • Historical data management
  • Generation and delivery of daily production logs and alarms
  • Calculation of production statistics
  • Automatic generation of alerts:
    • Deviation of production in a meter compared to the average
    • Detection of stopped plant (no production)
    • Error communicating with a meter
  • Downloading of all data obtained to a .csv file
  • Calculation of plant efficiency using weather data
  • Interactive graphs for control and analysis
Web-based SCADA for Remote Meter Readings
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