We own and develop all our software:

We have different “pre-defined product types or SCADAs” and we also make custom developments. In any case, we adapt software to the needs and desires of our clients.

Our software for large projects is delivered to be owned by the end client, providing it with the source code and the graphical resources necessary for it to enjoy complete freedom and control over its installation.

  • Energy analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of large photovoltaic installations
  • Meter monitoring (consumption and production)
  • Physical preventive maintenance systems manager
  • Control of dams and reservoirs
  • Control of irrigation systems
  • Automatic billing for energy producers
  • Supervision of several generation installations
  • Unification of different monitoring systems into a single one
  • Tracker control and automation
  • Proprietary protocols or solutions for meter readings, inverters, PLCs (Meteo Control)

The latest version of our monitoring SCADA for photovoltaic plants features all the most stringent parameters for any solar installation, resulting from 10 years of improvements and experience, including:

  • Substation
  • Meters
  • Transformation centre
  • Inverters
  • Trackers
  • String boxes (1st and 2nd level)
  • Weather station
  • Performance ratio (PR) calculation
  • Availability
  • Automatic reports
  • Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Inventory control
  • Organisation of work teams and preventive maintenance
  • Annual planning
  • Notification of alerts and daily reports by email
  • Data exportable as CSV

Aware that the meter is the most reliable and most valid point to analyse energy, we specialise in reading meters around the world and analysing data.

We can read energy meters in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Italy, Mexico, the US and Panama through their own protocol and we can read any meter using our hardware.

We can read meters remotely through a data connection, obtaining their load curve (production and consumption) or they can be read locally, either querying the meter through its own communications protocol or through devices that read consumption.

Telemedida de contadores - Monsol - Monitorizacion fotovoltaica

Along with this service, we offer other services, such as the possibility to receive commands from the network operator and shutting off production (Power Regulation), resending the meter data to the centre of the network operator (delegate office) and ensuring permanent communication (data communication solutions).

We have implemented this service in Chile, the US and Spain.

Telemedida en tiempo real - Monsol - Monitorizacion fotovoltaica

It is very effective in controlling multiple meters from small plants or several large plants.

This centre is compatible with our system or with any other system so that all the different SCADAs are replaced and a single universal SCADA is used.

This tool is designed for maintainers or owners of several installations.

Centro de Control Monsol

Energy-generating installations with a capacity greater than 5 MW have the obligation of conditioning their installations to be able to execute an instruction for regulating production or maximum power output to the network by the operator of the electrical system (REE).

This instruction may range from complete shut-down to a partial shut-down of the installations.

Monsol offers the service of conditioning your installation in terms of communications as well as logic and activation method, the physical modification, adaptation and the supply of the necessary equipment to regulate or carry out the necessary shut-downs to comply with that purpose.

We can modify inverters, transformation centres and combiner boxes, motorising the entire process so that it is done in a smart way.

The design is based on a complex programme that reads current production and compares it to the instruction, assessing what and how it should shut off the smallest possible number of devices to stay within the required margin while maximising production.

Currently, the Royal Decree governing electricity-generation installations for self-consumption creates a difficult environment but we are convinced that this industry and these initiatives will prevail and succeed in Spain and, at MONSOL, we have developed the resources and applications and trained our staff to provide the most appropriate and quickest solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Demo Monsol

We are SCADA designers and programmers, we have proprietary data-acquisition tools and provide tailored, customised solutions to the needs for integration, control and supervision of data systems, providing solutions that satisfy the needs of each project.

We solve data acquisition at the hardware level, handling data and their interpretation, ending with the visualisation and alerts necessary to guarantee the objectives set.

MONSOL - Software