Monsol has been designing, manufacturing and supplying monitoring hardware since 2005.

We have developed over 8 devices to measure current as well as digital and analogue metering probes to measure temperature, flow, radiation, etc.

Since we started our own designs, the market has evolved and so have we, staying at the forefront of current monitoring devices.

Aware of market needs and looking to maintain our quality while reducing prices, we have satisfied hundreds of clients with projects throughout the world.

In 2016, we launched the most versatile string monitor on the market, capable of metering positive and negative currents up to 2000 V.

Our hardware is 100% compatible with all systems and the Modbus standard , maintaining an “open” philosophy for every system.

For the last 10 years, Monsol has been developing and manufacturing electricity monitoring equipment for AC or DC, especially designed to measure the current of photovoltaic strings.

Our products are very competitive in terms of quality and price, being sold successfully in all markets, even highly competitive ones such as India or South Africa.

Our Monsol 1000/1500 photovoltaic string monitoring equipment responds to the new trend of combining panels until reaching a voltage of 1,500 volts.

The new equipment, with an average accuracy of 99%, is the most versatile in our family of monitors, being able to measure currents of up to 30 A (2 parallel strings) with a voltage of 1500 volts in DC, both in the negative and in the positive pole, indistinctly.

It features inputs for digital and analogue signals, with a modular assembly configuration, 8 strings at a time, or up to 32 inputs (4 modules).

Capable of operating at extreme temperatures ranging from -30℃ to 70℃ in ambient temperature, they satisfy all monitoring needs for your string boxes.

It communicates using a standard Modbus 32 RTU protocol compatible with any software on the market.

String monitor - Monsol 1000 1500V


– Proccesor ARM9 / 400
– Linux O.S. 2.6.32
– RAM 32 MB
– Micro SD Card Yes
– GPRS / GSM 1 Cinterion
– Digital inputs / Outputs 10
– Analog inputs 4
– Odometer / Pulse counter Yes
– RS232 3
– RS485 1
– GSM / GPS Connector type SMA (GSM)
– Ethernet Yes
– Optional battery 1800 mAh

• Temperature
Storage -40 ºC to +85 ºC
Operating with GSM off -40 ºC to +85 ºC
Operating with GSM on -30 ºC to +80 ºC
Operating from Li-Ion Battery -20 ºC to +60 ºC
Li-Ion Battery recharge 0 ºC to +45 ºC

• Power Supply
Nominal range of 7 V to 48 V.
Typical consumption at 12V:
Off 0.3 mA
Standby 15 mA
RUN 50 mA

• Conformity
1999/05/EC R8 TTE Directive
2004/104/EC Directive
2002/95/EC ROHS Directive

Combox Computer - Monsol

Many inverter manufacturers have disappeared and we have had to provide solutions to our clients in order to continue monitoring these brands. As specialists in communication, circuit design and monitoring systems, we can repair the boards and electronic components that make up an inverter using original or standard parts available on the market.

Devices we repair with a 100% success rate are:

  • SOLARMAX. Mainly the MT series. We have spares to change defective parts in the C series

We also repair the following brands but cannot guarantee the results as there are no original spare parts:

  • SIEL
  • SMA
  • Rielo, Aros (10 kW series)
  • Omron
Hardware - Inversores 1

This module acquires weather parameter measurements (irradiance, panel temperature, ambient temperature, wind speed, etc.) through the appropriate devices (calibrated pyranometer/cell, temperature probe, anemometer, etc.).

The component features 8 analogue inputs, 6 digital inputs and 1 frequency input to satisfy all the needs to collect weather parameters.

The data collected are included in the real-time tracking carried out by the MONSOL V.8 tool and make it possible to calculate the Performance Ratio of each plant, among other things. An internal data recorder, with automatic recovery of communication errors or system shut-downs (up to 50,000 records) guarantees the availability of this information in the event of a communication failure.

The Monsol family of photovoltaic products for industrial applications includes the +3, +6 and +8 models, according to the number of inputs desired to monitor strings and the module for panel-to-panel metering.

Estacion meteorologica - Monsol