Monsol provides communication services to over 150 clients. We offer customized solutions with a monthly maintenance contract and updates to the monitoring software.

This contract or service may be expanded to cover the communication needs that the installation.

Thanks to the significant volume of data we handle and the number of clients we have, we can offer very attractive prices for communication services that we make available to our clients and which facilitate control and integration of the system by combining communications with the SCADA service of the installation.

These are SIM cards with different contracts or contracted services usually used to transmit data from the meters in the installation itself and even provide web services to the plant operator. Their use is appropriate for every occasion except for retransmitting the video images from security cameras. There is generally a physical possibility to use them and they provide the most common solution, this being our first approach.

This is a very valid alternative if it is available (depending on geographical location) as it is cheap and very reliable, in addition to being capable of transmitting high data volumes (surveillance video). Providers of these services are currently expanding everywhere.

It is the most expensive option for plants that, due to theterrain, have no other way to communicate and require communication, especially for projects in developing countries.

Currently, band K allows for assuming a satellite communication channel with enough bandwidth to cover great needs at prices much lower than a few years ago. However, they continue to be much more expensive than other systems.